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A balanced lifestyle is about the choices people make every day regarding what they eat, drink and do. We want people to value the choices they make as to the beverages they consume.

Coolsplash is a registered cordial drink brand produced and manufactured by Montero Trading International Pvt Ltd.
Coolsplash is now an established brand trusted by all  generations across the country in Zimbabwe.This super real juice has tangy orange taste which is vitally important for authentic refreshment.It comes in five fundamental flavors which are Orange Crush,Cream Soda,Blackberry,Pineapple and Raspberry.Orange Crush is the main Coolsplash flavor and has nectar inside at the same time it is a good source of Vitamin C.This drink comes in 5l and 2l packaging containers.Coolsplash is also in Zambia.


Every day, our products quench the thirst of thousands of people coutrywide and many countries in southern Africa.

Outstanding taste, high-quality products and compelling brand experiences. This is our vision - and our promise to the millions of people in zimbabwe who enjoy our products.
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